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Micronized Food Products are brewing ingredients suppliers, supplying a wide range of Torrefied products to award winning customers ranging from micro breweries through regional breweries, to multi-national brewers.

Cooked cereals used in brewing and food manufacture are known as Torrefied cereals, and are widely used as natural adjuncts in the brewing process.

Torrefication occurs when a cereal is cooked at high temperature to gelatinise the starch endosperm creating the expansion of the grain and creating a puffed appearance.

The range of brewing ingredients supplied includes wheat, barley, maize and oats in flaked or whole form. Flaked or ground products can be used for convenience as they can be added to the wort without milling, making them ideal for smaller breweries.

Torrefied products are widely used to enhance clarity in the brewing process as well as improving head and cling retention.

Torrefied products offer excellent cost benefits against malt products.

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“.The range of materials supplied for brewing includes wheat, barley, maize and oats...”

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Every consignment of raw material is thoroughly sampled and tested in our on site laboraties to analyse the critical quality criteria prior to acceptance for processing.



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