Sustainability Report 2023

Our work processing cereals and pulses relies on skilled growers supplying us with the best quality raw materials. Our operations and connections with growers go back over 30 years - and the fostering of relationships between our sister companies, EDME and Crisp, with farmers goes back 140 and 150 years respectively.

Those long-lasting partnerships with suppliers, and with customers, and the ideals of sustainability have been at the heart of our business since the beginnings.

We are part of Anglia Maltings Holdings (AMH) which has just published our inaugural Sustainability Report, which can be found here. The Report outlines our Sustainability Strategy, which is guided by the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and which reflects our company values.

Our Sustainability Report goes into the development of our Sustainability Strategy; the areas our strategy covers; how we will evaluate our progress and results; our achievements to date; our aims and objectives; the framework for delivery; and our commitments to deliver.

We are acutely aware of the challenges of climate change to everyone everywhere - and we take our responsibilities to the environment, and to the communities within which we work, with serious resolve.

Having built 150 years of meaningful partnerships, we will continue to put relationships with, and duties of care towards, suppliers, customers, colleagues and communities at the heart of our business.

The details of our six headline goals can be found in our Report, which can be downloaded here.

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